Season 1 : 6 episodes - Average length : 12 minutes


Sara is a new student in high school who is sent to detention along with four other students after class. When the school starts to empty, and with only one of her teachers still there, strange things start to occur.

Genre : Horror, Adventure
Production : Zampano Producciones
Directed by : Carlos Ruano, CarlotaCoronado, Giovanni Maccelli, Jaime Vaca, Mikel Alvariño
Written by : Carlos Ruano, Mikel Alvariño, Susana López Rubio, Samuel Pérez, Jaime Vaca
Starring : Leonor Martin, Alex Martinez, Victor Elias, Lucia Delgado, Ricardo Bascunan, Markos Marin, Carlota Garcia

Year : 2013
Country : Spain
Language : Spanish
Target : 15 – 25
Territories :
 Worldwide (except Spanish speaking countries)