Season 1 : 8 episodes x 10,5 minutes - Total length : 84 minutes


In a distant future, society lives under a strict dictatorship, which establishes beauty standards that every citizen must follow. Everyone not beautiful enough will be prosecuted and exterminated. It's a perfect world for the cute ones, who live luxurious, carefree lives. But the ugly ones are sick and tired of living miserably and hiding in the mountains. They are planning an attack that could destroy this perfect world forever!

Genre : Comedy
Directed by : Nabil Chabaan, David Tesouro
Written by : Nabil Chabaan, David Tesouro
Production : Manuel Rodriguez
Casting : Tania Balastegui, Tony Bernetti,
Silvia Casanova

Year: 2013
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Target: 15 - 35
Territories: Worldwide