Season 1 : 7 episodes x 3 minutes - Total length : 21 minutes


And if we could get a second chance to defeat death? Or third? Or more? As if we lived in a video game and that could benefit from an infinite number of lives to get out of trouble ...
For several years, Zoe has suffered the worst treatment. Like an animal trapped in a cave, it empties of hers blood. She should have died ... several times. But she doesn't die. Zoe wants to live. Survive. And most importantly, she wants to escape from her cage.

Genre : Horror
Directed by : Sébastien Landry, Laurence Baz Morais
Production : Groupe La Guérilla
Written by : Edouard H. Bond

Year : 2014
Country : Canada
Language : French
Target : 15 – 35
Territories : Worldwide