A black comedy about depression.

Season 1 : 6 episodes x 6 minutes - Total length : 36 minutes


On the surface, Jef is a regular guy with a sweet life. He’s good looking, charming, and funny. He also has a good job and a beautiful girlfriend. But, no matter what he does, he just doesn’t feel right. And he’s not sure what to do about it.rite here...

Genre : Drama
Production : MORE SAUCE in association with KUNGFU-BARBIE PRODUCTIONS
Directed by : Luke Eve
Written by : Adam Grosetti
Cinematography by : Garrett O’Brien
Production & Costume Design by : Gypsy Taylor
Edited by : Melanie Annan
Original Score Composed by : Benjamin Speed
Post-Production Sound Mixed by : Sasha Zastavnikovic
Featuring Music by : WEEN, Lenka, Mental As Anything, Darren Hanlon, Benjamin Cartel, Shelley Short, Karl Smith, The Make, Projekt Seer

Year : 2014
Country : Australia
Language : English
Target : 15 – 35
Territories : entire world, Australia excluded