Season 1 : 10 episodes x 7 minutes - Total length : around 70 minutes


Mortus Corporatus tells the story of the every day goings on of the « Reapers » employed at La Mort Inc., founded by the one and only 'Grim Reaper'. We follow the Reapers on their missions, their debacles and successes. We get a behind the scenes look at the leading company in the business of Death, and the various conspiracies and rivalries that occur.

We follow this all mainly through Gaspard, a serial 'looser/Reaper', whose boss makes life harder and whose colleagues make fun of. After yet another failed mission, his boss has no choice but to hire an apprentice to help him. Quickly Gaspard realises the apprentice was made for this line of work and plans to take advantage of him. The duo soon become the most efficient Reapers in the business, and even hope for a promotion…

Genre : Comedy
Production : AnderAnderA
Directed By : Fabien Camaly
Starring : Fred Saurel, Julien Joerger, Nicolas Ullmann, Lola Dewaere , André Penvern , Arnaud Pfeiffer, Martin Verdier, Marie-Agnès Lavabre, Sarah Carlini...  


Year : 2013
Country :  France
Language : French
Target : 15 – 35 ans
Territories : Worlwide

Mortus Corporatus, a webseries from Sud Aveyron.