Season 1 : 12 episodes x 7 minutes - Total length : 80 minutes
Season 2 : 12 episodes x 9 minutes - Total length : 108 Minutes


RANDOM is a web-serie in closed space, telling the story of six friends trapped in an apartment for a unexplainable reason. Doors and windows are linked together, the six friends doubles live their lives outside the apartment and life keeps on going on the outside world. Nobody but them suffered the phenomenon and the confinement due to it will reveal their true natures. They'll have to find a way out of this apartment or die of starvation or worse.

Genre : Drama/Fantastic
Production S01 : BuddyMovies
Production S02 : BuddyMovies & Gengiskhan
Directed by : Rémi Noëll, Sullivan Le Corvic
Written by : Rémi Noëll, Sullivan Le Corvic
Starring : Lola Coipeau, Pierre Bedouet, Énora Marcelli, Arnaud Ménard, Fleur Monharoul, Valentin Naulin

Year : 2014
Country : France
Language : French
Target : 15 – 35
Territories : entire world