Season 1 : 12 episodes x 5 minutes - Total length : 60 minutes


San Fran Land is a comedy web series about Bobbi Winters, a sweet Southern girl in love, who gets fired from her dead end job and finds her fiancé cheating on her all on one fateful Valentine's day. But, lucky for her she has some really kickass girlfriends. Only they live way out in colorful San Francisco. So on a whim, Bobbi decides to pack up her life and move in with her girlfriends in a funky flat in the wild and unpredictable city of San Francisco.

Genre : Comedy
Production : Ryan Lynch, Laura Wainer, Chrissy Mazzeo
Created by : Ryan Lynch
Starring : Ashley Chaney, Chrissy Mazzeo, Liz Anderson

Year : 2014
Country : USA 
Language : English
Target : 20 – 45
Territories : European Union